Untitled and Unfinished…

Is the  culmination of Joana Cifre Cerdà’s Master’s  in Art by Research project:

“ The Weight of the Wait :

Waiting explored

through a Fine Art practice “ .

In this project waiting has been explored through life, performance, video, installation,

sculpture , photography, drawing, printing and writing.

Untitled and Unfinished is both the unfinished written commentary and the final unfinished

artwork of this Master’s project.

In order to evolve it needs to remain… Unfinished

Nicholas Davey proposes that:

‘Everything that can be said about and artwork and its subject matter is incomplete. There

is always more to be said. Neither the theoretician nor the practitioner have definite rights

to closure over what an artwork has to say’*

By tearing, rearranging, sewing and suspending “The Weight of the Wait” Joana attempts

to give a sense of how she tries to find her own voice in writing and communicating

about waiting. She has been waiting for words and so in this instal.lation words remain

suspended, hovering, waiting to be clasped or glanced.


Aware that there is always more to say about what she presents you with today, the artist

waits, at times patiently, at times expectantly, at times anxiously for questions , for

answers , for words and for works that are yet not graspable.



* Davey, N. Cited in Nelson, R. (2013) Practice as Research in the Arts: Principles, Protocols, Pedagogies, Resistances, London: Palgrave, 59.