Waiting for… Godot?  consists of a series of durational performances carried out over a two year period as part of my research into waiting. The performances occur in a variety of spaces. I seat or stand alone and attempt to write in a notebook as much as I can remember from Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot. The performances are meant as an act of remembrance for all those who wait, but specially for all those who wait in situations of extreme uncertainty and invisibility.

October 2015, Earlscroft Farm, Boston, Uk.

Photography by Kate Buckley


November 2015, Sculpture terrace. University of Lincoln. Brayford Pool, Lincoln . U.K

Photography by Kate Buckley


February 2016, X Church, Gaisbourough. U.K

Photography by Daz Disley


December 2016, A field, Kessenich, Belgium.

Photography by Luc Boutsen


May 2017, A field, Middle Rasen, Lincolnshire. U.K.

Photography by Marina Andrews-Cifre